Child Care Automated Attendance Tracking System

What is Child Care Attendance Automation and How Does It Work?

This is the only way to report child care attendance and absences for children receiving child care assistance through Workforce Solutions South Plains. Parents or guardians report attendance or absences by using a swipe card (like a credit card) on either a telephone or a Point of Services device (POS Machine). Parents or guardians receive a swipe card in the mail. This card will have an individual card number (like a credit or debit card) that is specific for you.

If your children are enrolled at a licensed center, you will swipe the POS machine each time you drop off and pick up your child to record their attendance. If your children are enrolled in a Licensed or Registered home day care or you are using a relative as your provider, you will call a toll free number and use the number on your card to report your child’s attendance each time you drop off and pick up your child.

Have you received your Child Care Attendance Card?

Parents are responsible for reporting their child’s attendance and absences using the Child Care Attendance Automation (CCAA) System. You should receive an attendance card in the mail for you to use to report attendance and absences for your children.

If you have not received a card within one week of receiving authorized child care, please contact Child Care Services at 806-744-3572 or toll-free 1-800-658-6284. Or visit our Workforce Solutions Child Care Services office, located at 1213 13th Street in Lubbock.