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Targeted Industries

Workforce Solutions has identified the high-priority industries to be targeted as high-growth industries in the South Plains Region for the program year 2015/2016.

Targeted Occupations

Workforce Solutions has also identified 40 high-priority occupations to be targeted for expenditures of training funds for Program Year 2016. Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) funds will be used to fund training that prepares individuals for careers in these occupations.

DOL Highlights:

Most requested DOL publications from the Current Population Survey (CPS):

Regional Economic Profiles:

Economic Profiles are designed to give a brief fact filled one-page snapshot of an area economy. The Economic Profiles cover Texas as a whole and by industry, the Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA), and the Workforce Development Areas (WDA).
Regional profiles are provided below for your convenience.

Monthly Help Wanted Online:

Monthly HWOL, provides real-time labor market information useful in tracking the extent and nature of employers' demand for labor by occupation, industry, and geography. Find the latest industy, and employment trends for jobs in the Lubbock MSA and across the State.
Monthly Help Wanted Online Report

More Labor Market Information

More Labor Market Information for employers, parents, teachers, and students is available from the Texas Workforce Commission's Labor Market and Career Information Division at http://www.lmci.state.tx.us/.


The Employment Situation news release is issued monthly by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


The Department of Labor has granted the Texas Workforce Commission a waiver which will extend the certification period for applications listed on the TPCS list until June 30, 2017.