Rapid Response Assistance

Rapid Response is a program which provides short-term, early intervention and immediate assistance with layoffs, layoff aversion, and/or plant closures affecting a significant number of workers. The Dislocated Worker Services Department receives notices of plant closures and mass layoffs, including those covered under the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (WARN). When the Dislocated Worker Services Department or Workforce Solutions South Plains obtains information about a major layoff, immediate on-site services are provided to assist workers facing job losses. Rapid Response provides early intervention assistance designed to transition workers to their next employment as soon as possible.

Our Rapid Response program provides the following services:

  • Online Job Matching WorkInTexas.com is Texas’ largest online job matching system and serves as a focal point for our Rapid Response workshops. Laid off workers will be required to register as a job seeker at www.WorkInTexas.com before receiving Unemployment Benefits.
  • Job Search Assistance may include accessing community resources, job application and resume preparation, assessing accomplishments and skills, resume development lab, interviewing skills, effective interviewing techniques, practice interviewing lab and coping with job loss.
  • Labor Market Information will be furnished to all registrants to include a target and demand occupations list along with information on other occupational resources.
  • Group Stress Management Seminars shall be made available on a regular and/or as needed basis. The focus of these seminars will be to develop strategies for managing the stress associated with job loss, its impact on the family unit and on maintaining community relationships.
  • Group Financial Management Seminars primarily focus on assisting affected workers in developing financial planning skills in order to maintain household and consumer finances. A specific focus will be on negotiating manageable payment schedules with mortgage, finance, and various lending institutions.

For more information, call 806-744-1987.